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These backgrounds are designed for livejournal (and perhaps deadjournal).
They will only look right if your journal is right aligned (code below) and in generator format.
Please do not directly link these. Upload them to your own server but if you use them, please credit this domain. Thanks.
They are designed for a 1024x768 screen becuase for lj, you have to take the people with bigger screens into consideration. However, they will still work in 800x600 screens.

To right align the journal with a fixed background, copy the code below. Then go to livejournal.com and go to modify journal. Then scroll down to the style override box and paste the code.

GLOBAL_HEAD<= <style type="text/css"> <!-- body { background-image: url(http://www.linktothebackground.com) !important; background-attachment: fixed !important; } table { width: 45%; margin-right: 0%; margin-left: 55%; } table table { width: 100%; margin:0; } table table table { width: 0; } --> </style> <=GLOBAL_HEAD

Click pics for bigger view.