Compiled here are some of the questions we are most often asked. Got one that's not here? Email Robin

  • What happened to
    Olivia originally purchased that domain, and then gave it to Robin and Debbie)when she could no longer handle it. The hosting ran out for the domain and Olivia was not going to renew it. But the domain NAME was still Olivia's until 2003 and we had no way to contact her and get it switched to one of our names. Thus, we had to buy a new domain or else watch the site die. And now here we are.

  • Does Chris have a girlfriend?/ Who is that girl? Is she dating Chris?/ Tell me Chris's girlfriend's life story.
    Honestly, it's none of your business. We are all for Chris having a girlfriend. But if he has one, the details are something we won't talk about because we respect his privacy. If there is something Chris wants you to know about his private life, then believe me, you'd know it. If not, please respect that and don't pry or gossip.

  • You bought a domain for Chris. What about Justin?
    What about him?

  • What is a kanji?
    A kanji is a symbol created & used by FuManSkeeto. It is a combination of the letters F, M and S made to look like a funky asian character. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Your site doesn't work in IE!
    Firefox is generally the best way to view this site, however, for the most part it will work in IE.

  • Do you know *NSYNC?
    Maybe, maybe not, but even if we do, that doesn't mean you'll get anything from it.

  • Chris is mine! Not yours! Stay away from him!
    Yeah, I know he isn't mine, but news flash, he isn't yours either. He is a person, not an object to be owned.

  • May I use your pictures?
    Sure, go ahead. Print them, we don't care. All we ask is that if it has our URL on it, LEAVE it because those belong to us. Oh, and DO NOT directly link the files. If you want to use them, go ahead, but upload them onto your OWN server, please.

  • What happened to FuManSKeeto?
    It closed up shop. There is no official statement as to why but Bev and Sabrina (crew member) have both said that FMS is no more. Sorry guys.

  • Chris is soooooooooooo hot, I want to marry him.
    Yeah, I can't help you there.

  • *NSYNC rules! Can you put up the rest of the guys?
    Sure can, but we won't. This is a Chris domain afterall.

  • Will you email me when you update?
    We cannot possibly email everybody individually each time we update and we don't do the mailing list thing. Mostly because we update too often. Truthfully, we update most everyday, sometimes a few times a day, so your best bet would be to bookmark the site and peek in every once and a while. All the updates are posted in the blog on the main page for your convenience.

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