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There are so many people we would like to thank. Without every one of them, this domain would not be possible. Thank you!

Olivia: CK.nu was your vision and we thank you for trusting us with it. We'll alway try to make it the best that it can be.

Tiara: For being a wonderful, patient friend and teaching us both SO much about html. Without her this domain wouldn't exist. Literally. We had no idea what the HELL we were doing when we bought it and she walked us through every step. Thanks SO much!

Robin: Debbie would like to thank Robin because without Robin's influence Debbie might never have discovered the Wonderful World of Chris. *Grin*

The FuMan Crew: For keeping us posted on FuMan Skeeto news, being very fan friendly and making some damn cool clothes. ;0)

Hosting4Less: For being incredibly helpful and patient with our stupid, stupid questions.

Rachel, Tiara, Vestirse, Sarah, Syd and all the Fu's: For letting us bug you constantly with content and layout ideas. Thanks for all the feedback and advice!

All Our Visitors: You guys make this site what it is. We love you and truly appreciate your support.

And Mr. Chris Kirkpatrick: You're our inspiration and we hope it makes you feel good about yourself to think of all the lives you've touched. Thanks for the music and the laughs these past few years. May you always stay the same.

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