20 Reasons Why We Love Chris Kirkpatrick
Submitted by Claire and Anni

1. Chris founded *NSYNC.

2. He helps underprivileged kids by changing lives one dream at a time with the Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation.

3.He lends his voice to the cartoon superstar Chip Skylark.

4. He himself posted a picture of the FKA (Thank you!).

5. He’s been through a lot, still never gives up.

6. He has an amazing voice and is a great singer.

7. Chris is a talented producer…

8. …and skilled songwriter.

9. He is such a dork.

10. Chris talks to his fans and keeps us updated with pics.

11. He made the pineapple hair famous.

12. Chris is young at heart.

13. Music is his life, “everything else is just gravy”.

14. He is a funny guy with lots of crazy facial expressions.

15. Chris has a big heart.

16. He even designed clothes. FuMan Skeeto anyone?

17. After all the years, he still manages to surprise us (“riches of the flesh”).

18. Chris supports other musicians.

19. He is a down-to-earth, good guy.

20. Chris’ smile brightens our hearts.

We will always love and support Chris!
♥ Crazy Girls

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