The Chris Kirkpatrick Fan Purity Test

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
The "submit" button is at the bottom.

  1. Do you know Chris' full name?
  2. His Birthday?
  3. How bout his parents name?
  4. Stepdads name?
  5. All of his sisters names?
  6. Nephews?
  7. Do you know what college he went to?
  8. Both colleges?
  9. What degree he got?
  10. When looking around your room, do you have more than 5 chris posters?
  11. 10?
  12. 20?
  13. 50?
  14. Do you have over 100 pics saved of just him on your computer?
  15. 500?
  16. How bout over 1000?
  17. When you see a Chris product, do you just HAVE to buy it?
  18. Even if you can't really afford to?
  19. Did you buy the marionette?
  20. The miniature marrionette?
  21. Did you buy 2 of each so you could save one and play with the other?
  22. Did you buy the original No Strings Attached Chris beanie bear?
  23. Did you buy 2 so you could save one and sleep with the other?
  24. Do you have your own cute nickname for Chris?
  25. Did you name your beanie bear that name?
  26. Do you get mad because there is like no Chris merchandise?
  27. Ever written a letter and complained to people about it?
  28. Do you run a site dedicated to Chris?
  29. More than one?
  30. Is one of them a clique?
  31. Do you know what FuMan Skeeto is?
  32. Do you post on the forum on the FMS site?
  33. Do you consider yourself a Fu?
  34. Do you talk Fu?
  35. Does it confuse the Fu out of non-fus?
  36. Did you buy FMS just cause of Chris?
  37. Do you still just buy it for Chris?
  38. Do you think he should wear his glasses more often?
  39. Is your favorite color silver now?
  40. Is your favorite food tacos now?
  41. Did you buy a silver ball necklace because of Chris?
  42. Do you still wear it for him?
  43. Do you like the devil goatee?
  44. Do you cut Chris out of group pics/articles?
  45. Do you put them up on your wall?
  46. Do you have a Chris shrine?
  47. Pics on the ceiling?
  48. Do you run a Chris domain?
  49. Do you have a homemade Chris shirt?
  50. Did you freak Chris out at a meet n greet or soundcheck?
  51. Did you stalk him with the camera?
  52. Did you show up with your Chris poster that said I LOVE YOU CHRIS?
  53. Did he read it and run?
  54. Does Chris actually know about your site(s)?
  55. Or do you just think he does?
  56. It's more like wishful thinking isn't it?
  57. Do you dream about Chris?
  58. On a constant basis?
  59. Do you call yourself whatever Kirkpatrick?
  60. Are you gonna name your children after him?
  61. Do you know where he lives? (like the actual address, not just the city and state)
  62. Have you perfected his signature?
  63. Do you have an autographed pic from him?
  64. That he ACTUALLY signed FOR YOU (meaning, you didn't get it in an auction)
  65. Did you get a pic with him?
  66. Did you go to the FuMan invasion tour?
  67. Or did you pout in your room (like me) because everything stopped you from going to it? (stupid military id)
  68. Got a Chris keychain? (do those even exist?)
  69. Is the Chris thank yous the first thing you turn to when you get a cd?
  70. Do you buy those teeny magazines just for a Chris picture?
  71. Do you refuse to buy one if it doesn't have a pic of him?
  72. Do you carry a picture of Chris in your wallet?
  73. Do you show it off with pride to everyone?
  74. Bought a No Doubt cd just because he likes Gwen?
  75. Do you only like Eminem cause Chris likes him?
  76. Did you buy the D12 cd just because he did?
  77. Like pixy sticks?
  78. Mountain Dew?
  79. Eat and drink them now because of him?
  80. Do you honestly think he's gonna marry you? (I really hope not)
  81. Ever wrote a fan letter to him?
  82. Started a project and sent it to him?
  83. Got a response?
  84. Do you get mad cause Chris doesn't get his props?
  85. Did you even KNOW Chris started *NSYNC? (SURPRISE! It wasn't Lou)
  86. Find Chris' bad boy image a major turn on?
  87. Are his dreads a turn on for you?
  88. Did you actually prefer his dreads over all his hairstyles?
  89. Do you prefer the hairstyle now?
  90. Did you think he was a Pineapple?
  91. Were you offended when people called him a Pineapple?
  92. Do you become all teeny when he sings a solo on stage?
  93. Are you mad cause he didn't sing Falling on the cd?
  94. Can you name all the songs Chris has helped write/produce?
  95. Even the ones not on nsync cds?
  96. Can you pinpoit all his harmonies?
  97. Can you actually SING his harmonies?
  98. And you're on key?
  99. Mad because he doesn't get more solos?
  100. Did you braid your hair just cause Chris had his braided?
  101. Did you do multi-colored braids (like add white to it) just cause Chris did?
  102. Did you actually put dreads in your hair?
  103. Did you buy an NSUCK hat just cause Chris did?
  104. Did you name your dog (or any pet) Chris, Busta, or Korea (Kariya)?
  105. And lastly, do you think the webmasters of this site are the biggest corrupted Chris fans? =)

So how corrupt are you?