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Caught on Film

Have you ever met Chris and gotten a picture with him? If so, we want to see them! Send them to fandom @ kirkpatrick.nu and we'll put them up here!

Click the thumbnails to view the full size pictures. Do NOT remove these pictures from this page without permission. They belong to the fans that sent them in. Thanks!

B's picture:

Hey! My friend Manda and I met Chris this past CFTC in Miami. We were on our way to Mansion for the party and ran into him in the lobby! He was excellent and really awesome. Anywhere, here is the picture!

Naomi's picture:

Gina's picture:

You can read her full encounter here.

Alyson's picture:

"Here is another pic of me and Chris, This one is from Crobar Night club in Miami on 7/18/03".

Lindsay's picture:

"Here is the picture that I took with Chris..." from Hoopla - 3/15/03"
You can read her full encounter here.

Lindy's picture:

"hey guys! Lindy wanted me to send the pic of her and chris kirkpatrick since she doesn't have a scanner. the pic was took on aug. 28, 2002 at South Padre Island, TX."

Marcia's picture:

"This is my encounter from when i got to meet Joey and Chris of NSync when they were in New York to do: Regis&Kelly; Rosie O Donnell;TRL & 106&Park."
You can read her full encounter here.

Sharon's pictures:

May 24, 2001 - FuManSkeeto Store Invasion - NYC

August 29,1999 - Raleigh, NC

Wendy's pictures:

"Hello...I haven't met Chris :( But I did take some pics at yesterday's Rock and Jock B-ball Jam here in Philly...here are a few...enjoy!"

Ashley's picture:

"The pic isn't of me with him its just of him, he decided he wanted to be taller, so, well he stood on the table, I guess that makes you taller. Lol. The picture was taken at a meet and greet in Minneapolis June 23rd, 2000"

Yvei's pictures:

"Hey my name is Yvei i'm 21 yrs old and i'm so happy that someone has made a website about him well i have a bunch of pix of him and me 2gether here are 2 of them."

Becky's pictures:

For the first three pictures: "These are pictures from October of 1999 I believe...I can't ever remember the date...LOL but, they are from the parade that Chris was in from his hometown Clarion. And the other 2 pictures are of me and Chris' Grandpa and Chris' Aunt! They rock and are very nice people..."

For the second three pictures: "These are pictures of me in Sept. of 2000 I visited Chris' Grandpa! We went to dinner and everything! He even took me to his Grandpa Kirkpatrick's House!!! It rocked! There's pictures as you can see of me with his Grandpa (not Kirkpatrick he was't home) and thats Chris' footprint when he was a baby!!!"

Jess's picture:

"Hey Robin and Debbie! I just wanted to share my pic of Chris with you. It's from the FuMan signing in San Antonio last year. Unfortunately I didn't get a hug (the security guy said "NO HUGS!") so... :o( But, I am glad that I got to see him and take pictures of him. I wanted to also say hi to Dani, but security pushed me along. Well, hope you like my pic..."

Alyson's pictures:

"Here are my pics with Chris, the first one is from June 23rd, 2001 in Minneapolis and the second is from April 3, 2002 in Chicago."

Angela's picture:

"here's a special picture of chris.. it may not seem that way at first but I really hold this one close to my heart! It was taken in DC 4/21/02."