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Encounters of The Chris Kind

Have you ever met Chris? Send us the story of your meeting to fandom @ kirkpatrick.nu and we'll put it up in this section!

Trish's Encounter
"...he signed my pinup of him and even forged Justin's!"

Ashley's Encounter
"...I had my hand on his butt in one pic ;)"

CONCERTfreak04's Encounter
"Chris is an amazing hot down-to-earth gentleman!"

Lin-Z's First Encounter
"...he signed two things of mine, and gave me a hug."

Lin-Z's Second Encounter
"...Chris stood up and gave me a big hug and told me that I did a good job."

Lin-Z's Third Encounter
"Chris, being the total sweetheart he is..."

Kelly's Encounter
"We were still holding hands and I couldn't help but notice..."

Jenny's Encounter
"I heard Chris yell "Oh my gosh you need to get out of the way..."

VAChamp's Encouter
"...Shook my hand and was so down-to-earth!..."

Samantha's Encounter
"...I got the biggest smile from him..."

Yvei's Encounter
"we thought dat since they didn't win any moon man..."

Yvei's Second Encounter
"OMG do u know i wanted to jump on him when he said dat..."

Amanda's Encounter
"It was april 16th and my friend amber and i were in boston at the fleet center..."

Marcia's Encounter
"So anyways we're still outside waiting..."

Lindsay's Encounter
"We called his name and I held it up, and he waved to us..."

Manda's Encounter
"...but I walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder...."

Joy's Encounter
"...he turned the corner and started walking straight towards me."

Jen's Encounter
"He put his arm on my shoulder and I put my arm on his..."

Dawn's Encounter
"We were runnin'around, goofin off when we ran into Chris and Justin (literately!)..."

Kitty's Encounter
"I rolled down my window and tapped the glass..."

Amanda's Secound Encounter
"he looked like a deer in headlights!"

Gina's Encounter
"We yelled at the photographers..."

Chris's Tx Fan Encounter
"I said good then he said thats good..."

Jaclyn's Encounter
"My story starts outlike any other fans."