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What's So Cool About Chris?

Chris isn't a very tough guy to like, that's a fact. We want to know just what it is about him that YOU like so much! Go HERE to let us know and we'll post all your comments in this section. ;0)
[Note: Submissions are posted like we recieve them. We do not edit them in any way.]

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Lauren says:
There's so many reasons. first of all he seems to have had a tough life with money problems and everything (hearing on "Driven" that he wouldn't eat lunch just killed me) and yet he was always there to help his mom, and he's not bitter about anything. he seems so sweet, and down to earth. he's talented, and funny. and hey..he put *NSYNC together..that makes him cool right there. :)

Alice says:
Chris is so cool cuz he has an AMAZING voice, I love those big brown eyes, he is absolutely funny, soooo adorable, great dancer, and MIGHTY FINE! The fact the he is totally himself and sticks up for what he believes in is a major plus. He has great talent and just makes everyone happy. He is soo hott that when he sported the "pineapple" look.. he still looked good... in the beginning of *Nsync the short hair and no facial hair..he still looked good... the half-dreads...still looked good... and now he has the devil goutee... and he still looks GOOD! He is the perfect guy and I would just die if I ever met him...

Jessie says:
The fact that he is so down to earth, as much as he can be. He is also a VERY talented guy, and he looks good too:)(he he) But on a serious level, he doesn't think he is too good for anyone, he's just a regular person like you and me. And, his wacky personality! Not to try and compare us and make us seem that we have "so much in common!" I have a wacky personality too, and he shows that this is a good thing. If the snobs look at you like your crazy, don't worry about it, be yourself. And, did I mention I wish I had his voice? Don't get me wrong, I am actually working on my own musical career right now, and I can sing pretty well, but HIS voice is so gorgeous. Ok, that's enough!

Nicole says:
What I think is so cool about Chris is that no matter what's going on he's always able to be himself and never conform to what other people think and the fact that he is just an absolute sweety definitely makes him so cool.

Nikki says:
What I think is very cool about Chris is despite the fact he can be mean sometimes;) He is very sweet and caring, according to what I've heard.

Kelly H. says:
What's cool about Chris is that he's a changeling. You can never totally figure him out, or pin him down. He's kind, he's sarcastic. He's smart, he's a rambling nutcase. He's hot, he's dorky. It just goes on and on, LOL.

Bobbie says:
The fact that he cracks me up. He also has an AMAZING talent... does the fact that he looks good count?

Gwendolyn says:
Unpredictability. Intelligence. Fine eyes. Fine ass.

Lauren says:
Chris is kool because he's sooooooo funny,and he's from my home state of Pittsburgh,PA BABY YEAH.

Kristi says:
Chris is the funniest man alive and if you have a bad day he can make you feel better :-)

Barbara says:
Well, first of all, he is so HOTT! His sense of humor, never knowing what he is going to say next, then laughing your ass off! The rebel-ness, and at the same time the sweet innocence that he seems to have. And, well, he's cuter than Lance!

Michelle says:
What's cool about Chris is that he's always out of the loop. He doesn't worry about what's cool and it doesn't matter to him if he doesn't fit in. He's secure with himself and knows that it's important to just be himself.

Myra says:
Everything that comes out of his mouth is absolutely HILARIOUS... I am not usually starstruck but his sense of humor and those EYES are just dreamy! He has all the qualities that I find attractive... yummy

Porsche says:
Chris is cool because he doesn't gives a rat's ass about how foolish he looks most of the time. He just wants to entertain which I can totally get into. Besides his entertaining side, there's his philantrophist side. He's into his charities. Who couldn't love a charitable man? Finally, those big brow eyes! *faints* Okay, that was my teeny moment, but I'm allowed, damn it! Anyway, he's Chris and damn he's charming, cute, debonair...Stop me if I'm getting wordy...

Tiara says:
He is just so adorable. Great sense of humor, dresses hot, always has a good mood, great bod, HOTTT goatee, nuff' said. lol

Anna says:
I think that everything CHRIS does is cool! i mean he's just like the perfect guy! he has all the qualitys u'd ever want in a guy! he sweet, adorable, cute, has a great sense of humor, he's BEAUTIFUL, he's FNE!, he's just like PERFECT! and with those BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES!!!! OMG!! TO DIE FOR!!!! and damn!!!! like to me.....HE's THE MOST BEAUTIFUL-LEST MAN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! is like kill me before i get a heart attack! :o)

Amanda "Latu" says:
I love his sense of humor. That's what I fell in love with. And to know that he's hot as haties doesn't bother me one bit, lol. He's a really funny guy, who apparently cares for his fans, he "FuFans" and his *N SYNC fans. *I love Chris*

Cassie says:
I think the thing that is so cool about Chris is his amazing voice, his contribution to *NSYNC, his designing and producing skills, and just EVERYTHING! He's not afraid to be him and poke fun at himself...he's just one big kid, out to have fun in life! He seems so amazing and throughout all of the hard times in his life he is still such a cool person...a regular joe with dreams...

Sara says:
Chris is just so funny. He is always making people laugh when you see him. He isn't afrad to be himself, no matter who he's with or where he's at. that something to admire. Plus he's very smart and very creative. (i.e. FuMan Skeeto and the song "Falling".)

Jackie says:
well, hes CHRIS! what more do i have to say? lol, hes a TOTAL sweetie, i know from personal experience, he loves his fans and really does take the time out to meet them and sign autographs. hes HILARIOUS! and straight up ADORABLE! a loving caring kind genorous man, and everything everybody else said. hes just the PERFECT guy in EVERY way! Chris, I LOVE YOU!

Sara says:
What's not to love? He's a badass, he makes me piss my pants laughing, he has funky hair and the groovy-est dress-sense. Snappy baby!

Michele says:
What's so cool about Chris...WOW there's so much it would take up the whole page, but mainly he's sweet, HALARIOUS, lovable, talented, unpredicatable, everything you could ever ask for and more... did I mention he's FINE AS HELL!!

Stephanie says:
To me Chris is such a hottie and sooooo sexy too. He's got the looks,the style; not to mention his cool clothing line (FuMan Skeeto)and he's got everything. He is soooo funny,the man cracks me up everytime he dose somthing funny. Chris is my kind of man and he nothing but a big sweetie who is caring and kind. He's got beautiful brown eyes (witch I could stare into forever)a beatiful singing voice and talking voice and he's got a cute little butt too. So no matter what Chris looks likes and whatever style he's wearing; to me he's always going to be a hottie, sexy, cool and I'll never stop loving him. I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!

Trish says:
Chris is just one of a kind. He's a people pleaser and you just can't help NOT like him. He's got an AWESOME sense of humor, he makes people laugh but on the other hand he can be very serious and intellectual. He treats fans with the upmost respect whether they be 6 or 26. He's just an all around terrific guy and I wish there were more guys out there like our dear Chris Kirkpatrick. He's the BOMB!!

Laura says:
His Personality,he's an individual. Enough said.

Caleb says:
i love everything about him...how he always changes his style and ALWAYS looks good. Even thoug he is 30 he isn't like all those older guys, he knows how to have fun. I mean just look at him, he is the SEXIEST man alive. His voice just gives me chills...I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!

Candi says:
Chris is funny as hell, also he is a nice man, and it helps that he is really hot, and out going, and he does not walk around with his nose in the air like some Fam. ppl do. He is a cool guy who likes to have fun, oh did i say he was hot? cus he is!

Erika says:
Chris is cool because he doesnt give a damn what people think about him or what they say about him. He's himself no matter what and I truly respect that. There's a lot of other things I can say about why he is so cool and why I like him so much, but all I'm gonna say is that... He's "just" Chris, simple as that.

Patricia says:
As a singer, I generally obsess over people's voices, so I did so with Chris. My goodness, can we say RANGE?

The man is amazing -- I played "O Holy Night," followed by "I Guess it's Christmas Time," and I literally screamed "range much, Chris?" The octave difference between his last note of "O Holy Night" and his first note of "I Guess It's Christmas Time" is incredible. It's almost hard to imagine it's the same person.

That is why I admire him.

If you watch VH1's "Driven," that is why I love him.

If you've seen any photos, that's why I think he's hot. ;-)

Chris ROCKS!

Lisa says:
Hey! Ok the reason I like Chris is simply because he's hilarious! Whenever I watch *NSYNC on T.V Chris always does sumthin funny! I love that about him! Not many people have the ability to make people laugh like he does. Plus he's CUTE!

Candi says:
Chris is funny as hell, also he is a nice man, and it helps that he is really hot, and out going, and he does not walk around with his nose in the air like some Fam. ppl do. He is a cool guy who likes to have fun, oh did i say he was hot? cus he is!

Shannon says:
love Chris because he is most definately the funniest man alive. He can ALWAYS put me in a good mood, no matter WHAT. On top of being hilarious, he is hot, sexy, and down to earth. He is adorable in every way, and his voice is one of the most incredible things I've ever heard!!!

Ashley says:
chris has his own unique style which is sooo awesome cause it resembles my style also. We just have so much in common its not even funny. He's the most down to earth person

Laura K. V. says:
I like Chris 'cause he is himself. No matter what he thinks he is. What I think of him. What you think of him, and what anyone else thinks of him. He is who he is, and that's all that matters.

Christina says:
Chris is just an amazing human being. Overall. I never in my wildest dreams EVER thought that I could care about or respect someone that I had never met personally. But Chris has changed that. I have and always will have ongoing respect for him.