Fuman Skeeto

Update: FuMan Skeeto, Inc. is no longer. Apparantly, FMS was involved in a lawsuit with another company that has a similar name. I'm finding out all the details right now, and I'll post them on a later date.

I was looking forward to watching FuMan Skeeto grow and expand. Their original site gave clues to the directions they were planning on heading -- clothing, graphics, and music production. Sadly, the company didn't live long enough to completely carry out those plans. But, as some have said before, FMS was not a complete failure. The company and its message board has still had a great effect on many people's lives.

FuMan Skeeto, Inc. was formed in 1999 by Chris Kirkpatrick and Danielle Raabe. At the time, Mr. Kirkpatrick, coming off of a sold out international tour in support of his group's ten million plus selling debut *Nsync album, was investigating alternative areas to invest his business energies. Specifically areas which focused on the visual arts, design and music. In the Winter of 1999, while on hiatus from his duties as 1/5 of *Nsync, Mr. Kirkpatrick, together with Ms. Raabe, developed the concept for a creative arts company specializing in clothing design and music production. Their discussions birthed FuMan Skeeto, a fashion design and music company based around a "Be Positive" theme and a clear desire to be creative. As FuMan Skeeto became a reality, Mr. Kirkpatrick and Ms. Raabe drew on their creative and business contacts to add value and growth to FuMan Skeeto:// Professional online developer Ryan O'Brien was brought on to head up FuMan Skeeto's online presence, Dave Daniels, a professional creative artist, was enlisted to head up the company's art and design efforts, Erin Myles was later added to head up Operations and most recently, Sabrina Soto joined the team to direct all Promotional aspects of the company.

General Info
FuMan Skeeto's entry into the clothing market has been, and will initially remain, with casual wear and athletic based clothing. To design the clothing and apparel, FuMan Skeeto utilizes its own team of in house designers, as well as contracting with outside design talent. The company creates its clothing lines to incorporate artwork and clothes created to work together to convey a positive and inspiring message. The goal is to make each item come alive with different characters and FuMan icons. Currently, FuMan Skeeto clothing is available in Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Von Maur stores nationwide and Eatons in Canada. Each store carries a variety of styles for women and the very first men's items are available only in Bloomingdale's stores.

The FuMan Skeeto brand is designed with a very broad demographic in mind. Our goal is to create groups within each line that suit all styles as well as ages. For example, our current line for women, MMIspring is divided into sub-categories which include; denims, active wear, linens and fashion pieces. Each group having it's own distinct fit and style.

Mission Statement
FuMan Skeeto is a cutting edge creative arts and media company specializing in clothing design, the visual arts, and music production.

Our mission is to express through our products, be them clothing, apparel, graphic design or, music releases, a positive and uplifting message which resonates throughout every creation we release.

The message? Believe in your dreams.

Our strategy is to inspire and enthuse those with aspirations to excel beyond what their immediate capability and life circumstances allow. In implementing this strategy, FuMan Skeeto will actively involve the creative community through the FuMan Crew, which represents an expanding network of positive and goal oriented individuals. We exist as an independent open house of creativity where artistic expression of talented upcoming designers, artists, and performers is FuMan Skeeto's primary focus.

We hope you enjoy our creations and the dreams that are coming to life.

FuMan Crew
Chris Kirkpatrick
Founder and CEO
FuMan Skeeto, Inc.

Danielle Raabe
FuMan Skeeto, Inc.

Ryan O'Brien
VP Online Development
FuMan Skeeto, Inc.

Erin Myles
VP of Operations
FuMan Skeeto, Inc.

Dave Daniels
Head of Graphic Design
FuMan Skeeto, Inc.

Sabrina Soto
Director of Promotions
FuMan Skeeto, Inc.

Scott Appel
FuMan Skeeto, Inc.