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The Words

"Inside the group, we have our own chemistry. We're best friends, and I think people respond to it. It's a genuine thing. I think that's why people enjoy being around us- because we're fun. We're normal people."

"I can't say that fame hasn't gone to our heads, because in a few ways it has, but we try to stay as grounded as possible. I also believe in karma. That's why we treat everyone with respect, because the people you meet on the way up are the same people you meet on the way down."

On his class reunion: "I'm going to go back with my head held high and be like 'I've made something of myself.' I used to dream I'd come back as a success, and now I can go 'Look at all the lives I've changed.'"

"I don't golf- unless it's full contact."

On the "Bye Bye Bye" video: "It's a dude video. It has everything we like: trains, cars, chicks and dogs. Well, maybe not trains. Cars, chicks and dogs we like. The trains were thrown in cause Joey and I didn't have anything to do."

I have a financial adviser who won't let me do anything. He's so tight that if I go through the drive thru he makes me call him if I wanna supersize."

"And we got Lance! The four of us are replaceable. Lance is irreplaceable. He's albino... Quit lying, he's a Mississippi albino... They're very rare in this part of the country."

"I was a big Paul McCartney fan. I learned to play the guitar backwards because my sister and I would act like we were the Beatles and I'd always be Paul. Whenever I'd strum the guitar, I'd strum left- handed. Then I had to flip it, and it took me a long time to get used to right- handed guitars."

"My mother claims that JC is her son when she points us out to her friends!"

On the trajedy at Columbine High School: "We all remember exactly where we were at the time. We were in L.A. and we were doing some stuff out there. I had just come back to the hotel when I saw it was on TV and I started watching it. I think the main thing about all that is ever since that happened, the five of us have made one of our goals to correct what went wrong. We've gone out and we've done a lot more stuff with charity work with things that we thought would help contribute to getting kids more active in schools and less active in thinking that they're all by themselves and that nobody understands them. So with all that, that definitely opened our eyes and let us go out and find more ways of getting kids involved in activities. I think we've been real successful at it so far."

"Wait, wait, wait, what concert was that from? Third row? Is she the one with the head? I remember her!"

"Green. Green M&M's are the coolest."

On the perks of being McDonald's spokesman: "It is awesome! We get to be on the cups and the fries!"

"So Lance has a sexy voice and we have each other."

"I think the biggest motto about the group and everything that we say is "Everybody makes mistakes." Ya know, everybody says a cuss word now and then. Well not everybody but ya know most people that say they don't, do. Everybody makes mistakes. Our point is we're out to try to be good human beings and try to set good examples. We screw up, we screw up, but we don't dwell on the screw ups. And we don't set out to do anything wrong. We don't set out to be evil. We don't set out to purposely do harm on anybody else. Ya know we just set out to have a good time.And we're all five of us are very religious. We all have our own different beliefs that we believe in and we don't force that on anybody. Ya know if somebody asks us "oh sure yea, we're religious, we're Christian" ya know we believe our own thing. But nothing worse than having somebody that says "I'm not religious" or "I don't care." Ya know something like that. Or then somebody that says they care too much. They care so much that they're gonna force you into changing who you are. Or changing what you believe or how you've come... I mean I'm all down for it if somebody has a problem with something, religion, whatever, they come to me, I'm all open and I'm giving as much advice as I can. But for me to walk into a room and say "Hey how you doing?" uh, let me force something down your throat. Let me force a belief. Let me force uh, my republican beliefs on you. Let me force my democratic beliefs on you. I don't get into the whole thing. I hate it when people take sides. I hate it when people have to say "Well this is what I am." Because then suddenly, this ideal, you have to believe everything that's in that ideal. Maybe I don't. So then suddently I'm a democrat that just doesn't believe in everything a democrat believes in? I don't get it. Why can't I just be myself? Why can't I just be my own thing. Ya know, I think that's pretty much how all of us are for the most part.

On JC's fear of needles: "He's got a neelaphobia...needleaphobia. How do you say that? He's even scared of like real pointy pencils."

"This is what we call Dirty Denim. We call it Dirty Denim because it's dirty and it's denim"

"Girls have cooties. I learned that at a very young age.... What was the question?"

"The perfect woman is a girl with a great personality and expresses everything with her eyes."

On NSYNC humor websites "I think they're cool. A lot of girls put the disclaimers on the front of the website saying, 'If you don't have a sense of humor, don't come here.' They're just out to have fun. I think it's their way of showing their commitment and dedication to us by saying they're tired of seeing all the websites that say, 'Oh, JC Chasez is so hot. Oh, Lance is so hot.' They basically want to use their talents and ability of being witty and put them on a website and make it really interesting for people who have a good sense of humor. And I love them."

"And that's important to us because the kids that mean the most to us are not those whose parents have millions of dollars and bought them front row tickets and backstage passes. It's the kids that save up their allowance for six months just to get one ticket, and their seat is way in the back, or at the top of the stadium. At our shows, we make everybody feel important. We make that kid go, 'You know what? That show would have been different if I wasn't a part of it.'"

"I want a fun house, you know, that everybody goes, 'Let's go over to Chris's house!' It will be full of lots of toys and little trinkets. Lots of TV's, play stations and Spider-Man will be all throughout the house."

On FuMan Skeeto: "We're not going to be a clothing line that comes out and tells people what to wear and says, 'This is cool right now.' This is more people telling us what they like and what they wish they could have. Another thing we're doing for women is comfortable clothes that can be stylish."

"I like a girl who can sing. I would love it if a girl had a really beautiful voice and she, like, hummed in my ear."

"If you break it, they can fix it just like that. Break my ear off. Go ahead."

"It's absurd to have gone from totally poor to totally rich. It's beyond absurd. I wake up in my house in the middle of the night and go, 'Whose house is this?' I just wish I could go back and talk to that kid who was poor and wearing dirty clothes and say, 'Dude, I know you don't have a phone right now, you don't have a car, you've had to work since you were twelve to make rent, but don't worry about it. Some day you're gonna spend as much on rims as you do on rent."

"I'd like to do a duet with Gwen Stefani, just because I wouldn't sing. I'd just be asking her out on a date the entire time."

After seeing a picture of Joey dressed as a woman: "Group meeting after the show!"

"She might have been the one picked. Cause she wore a bikini top. We're pigs."

"I like free spirits. People that can have fun doing whatever. They don't need money or Disney World to have fun- it's really about having a good time with what you've got. I don't like it whan girls come with demands. That's baloney!"

On the FuMan Skeeto Summer Invasion store signings: "I like this because it's free. You don't have to win a radio contest or be the daughter of the Shiek of Arabia. You can just come."

When asked if he had a thing for Gwen Stefani:"No... well... umm... I'm coming for you Gavin."

"I had a pet tree once. I would take it for walks and it would pee on dogs."

"The hardest part is the initial meeting, because you never know what their motives are. It may be because I'm famous, or because I have money. We'll start talking and they'll say, 'I was just making tacos last night with my silver spatula, because that's my favorite food and color.' Then I'm like, 'Uh-oh, here we go' cause every magazine has printed that those are my favorites. As long as girls are honest, I don't care what they say."

"That must have been 8th grade when the trombone was still taller than me."

When asked "Any plans on a clothing line for Busta?":
DANIELLE: What about Korea?
CHRIS: That's all up to Busta. You know Busta's been talking to me about that. He's actually been back in school lately. And it's not his fault, I just wanna say, I wanna go on record as saying Busta's a really good dog, but he was turned to the dark side by this dog named Korea. And he used to be SO good, like maybe once or twice he'd go to the bathroom inside, but he understood and he learned from his mistakes.
DANIELLE: That's not true.
CHRIS: But this new one is a little hellion, and she's totally turned him to the dark side, she tempted him with the apple, she basically said it's cool to go to the bathroom on the rug, all the dogs are doing it. And my dog, not really knowing, will say ok, well if that's the case. And then of course he gets in trouble when she makes a mess all the time. So we had to send him back to school, but we've been in talks, him and I have been in talks about doing his own clothing line, and everytime I try to get ahold of him directly I have to talk through his people. And it kinda gets, I mean, you know, when a dog of that nature gets any kind of status, they let it go to their heads, and suddenly he's got this little gang of what he calls friends hanging out with him. It's just too much, you know. I don't like talking through people, I like talking to my dog directly. But you know it's like when you say "sit", and you have to call his agent, and his agent will call his publicist, and his publicist will call his personal assistant, and his personal assitant will say "sit", and then he sits, it just gets to be too much.
DANIELLE:: And then sometimes it just goes way beyond what the question really was. Wait, I just want to say that Korea has never has peed in the house.
CHRIS: What are you talking about?
DANIELLE: Cause you said my dog was bad!
CHRIS: She is, that's the only one that goes to the bathroom in the house.
DANIELLE: No, let me just tell you, everyone out there something, that Chris taught Busta to go, that it was right to go to the bathroom in the bathtub.

When talking about if *NSYNC would be in Lance's upcoming film projects: "I can't act, I'm just stupid."