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May 31, 2012

If you were using Chrome or IE to view the 20 Reasons Why page, please try again. It should be working now.

| Robin | 12:34am |
May 30, 2012

Added a new section to the fandom section. It was submitted by Claire and Anni and it's called 20 Reasons Why We Love Chris Kirkpatrick. Go check it out!

| Robin | 3:00pm |
May 29, 2012

Added some oldish yet recently discovered pics from a MikeAnthony Photo Shoot here.

| Robin | 1:16am |
May 26, 2012

Chris has a bar and his house.

Yes you read that right.

Chris's bar & club was "A" Listed by Who's Hot Online as "Florida's Most Exclusive" (meaning bars, clubs and venues that can not be rented out).

You can go here to get some neat pictures of Chris's bar, and even get a look at his bobble head collection!

| Claire | 7:16pm |
May 7, 2012

Added 8 pics of Chris from Garret Lauer's Sailebrity Cruise on 04/29 here.

He's still living I see. lol.

| Robin | 3:06pm |
May 3, 2012

Chris will be hosting the 2012 American Spirit Pageant at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort May 31st through June 3rd. You can go here for more information.

| Stephanie | 1:39pm |
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