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August 31, 2010

Chris will be on the radio from Tilted Kilt tonight promoting his golf tournament.. 7-9pm EST. Listen live!

| Stephanie | 7:37pm |
August 30, 2010

Wanna play a game? Sportscenter has this fun game called "NFL kicker or boyband member?" You should go play!

| Stephanie | 12:32pm |
August 28, 2010

If you thought Steph's interview was funny you should check out her outtakes from it. Just right click and save here and enjoy!
(He's still a dork. lol)

| Robin | 11:49pm |
August 26, 2010

And here we have it ladies and gentlemen. Steph's interview from Chris. Right click and save target/link/whateveritscalledonyourbrowser here. He's such a dork. lol.
It will also be posted in the exclusives section when ya know, I open ftp to do that. lol.

| Robin | 9:56pm |
August 25, 2010

Thanks to Jillian for finding this video of Chris judging the 2010 Florida Tuskers Cheerleading auditions! (Chris comes in around 00:38)

| Stephanie | 1:58pm |
August 23, 2010

There is also a new Chris autographed photo on ebay. It is half the size of a sheet of paper! All bidding is anonymous!!! It's one of the pictures Chris signed for me while we were at the Medicus Foundation golf outing. Please go bid! All the money is going to the Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation

| Stephanie | 9:36pm |
August 23, 2010

Added 35 (I think, I lost count. lol.) more Medicus Gateway 2 Giving pics. These are all Steph's personal pics. You can find them here.

| Robin | 7:12pm |
August 23, 2010

I found this article that mentions Chris.

| Stephanie | 12:50am |
August 19, 2010

Happy 9th Anniversary Robin!!!!!

I, for one, am glad you stuck with it this long. I've enjoyed the ride we've had so far and can't wait to see what the future brings!

| Stephanie | 3:14am |
August 18, 2010

So it came to my attention last week that I have officially been a part of this site for 9 years now. That’s right, 9 years ago, as of August 19th at least, I made my first post as a webmaster of this site. Whodathunk I would’ve stuck with this this long. Certainly not I. I get bored with things entirely too quickly. But here I am, still going strong. So I want to say thank you Chris. Thank you for being the inspiration for this site and thank you for the inspiration to keep it going. Oh and what’s this I see? It looks like the man himself has something to say back (you definitely want to click there, trust me).

That’s right. We’ve been here through the good times and bad. Through the happy and sad. Through the “what was that boy thinking????” moments and through the “is he ever going to come out of that cave?” months. We’ve been through it all.

So thank you to Olivia for handing me this site when she couldn’t run it anymore. Thank you to all the co-webmasters I’ve had in the past and in the present. You all kick ass. Thank you to all the little leprechauns and birdies that drop(ped) by every now and then (you know who you are). Thank you to all the people who have played a role in this site whether big or small. Thank you to Melinda for giving me/us approval for things (like the video in this post). And thank you to all the fans who keep this site going because let’s be honest, if no one was coming, this site wouldn’t be here.

| Robin | 9:57pm |
August 18, 2010

Here's an article about the 2nd day of the DJ Expo in Atlantic City. Chris was part of an artist panel and there's a pretty funny quote from him (it's about halfway down the page) here.

| Stephanie | 6:58pm |
August 18, 2010

Small mention of Chris here. It's an article about a new girl group called Varsity Girls.

| Robin | 2:34am |
August 18, 2010

Added two more Medicus Outing pics here. Thanks Shannon!

| Robin | 1:25am |
August 17, 2010

Here's a flyer about the CKF Golf Tournament.

click pic for bigger view

| Robin | 7:19pm |
August 17, 2010

As most of us know, Chris and Joey are in Atlantic City and visiting various events for a DJ Expo (including the release party for Candi Lynn).. I found a little article on that mentioned Chris:

"With the International DJ Expo 2010 starting on Monday, a lot of people made their way to Atlantic City on Sunday to be ready to go in the morning. With a mass of mixshow DJs in town, a special event was held at Bullshots to celebrate the release of Candi Lynn's "Hop'N Pop'N." The urban vibed electropop record (check out the video here) **be aware there is adult language** has a fierce Disco Fries remix. Candi Lynn got the attention of the mixshow djs with her effervescent personality and good looks as well as the hot record. Also in the crowd was former N-Sync'er Chris Kirkpatrick who was in quite a jovial mood along with the owners of Promo Only, several radio programmers, and various label record executives."

| Stephanie | 2:44pm |
August 17, 2010

The first Chris autographed picture just sold for $18.50. Thanks to everyone who bid on it! Don't be sad if you weren't the winning bidder because there are 7 more pictures to go! The next one is already listed and I think you're going to like it... a lot.. NOW GO BID!!!! and remember the proceeds go to CKF!!!

| Stephanie | 1:41am |
August 16, 2010

Added pics from this weekend from Candi Lynn's Hop N Pop Album Launch Party.

| Robin | 5:20pm |
August 15, 2010

You can now pre-order the "A Christmas Snow" soundtrack on Amazon. Go order now!

| Robin | 10:51pm |
August 14, 2010

There will be a live broadcast @ Tilted Kilt on I-Drive 7pm-9pm, 740am The Game Loud Mouth Golf Radio.
Register to be at the pre event Oct 1st & the charity golf Tournament for the Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation Oct 2nd. If you can't make it out listen live online @ Loud Mouth Golf Radio.

| Stephanie | 12:10am |
August 10, 2010

Added 39 pics from the Medicus event this weekend here. Thanks very much to Jill for all of them!

| Robin | 2:02am |
August 10, 2010

At the golf outing this weekend Chris signed some pictures for us to auction to benefit the CKF. I just listed the first one on ebay. There are two like this one and there are six of another picture. Let's show Chris how much we support him and his incredible foundation! Now, what are you doing still reading this? Go and BID!!

| Stephanie | 1:33am |
August 9, 2010

So.... yesterday was a good day. :) I'm still hungover (from the day, not alcohol!). I have TONS of pictures and an interesting, hilarious, off-the-wall interview but it's going to take a couple of days to get through everything and make sure Chris' people :) approve (I love you Melinda :) Keep checking back because as soon as I have it all together it will be posted!! In the meantime, go check out the new CKF website, if you haven't already. I talked to Whitney tonight and she said Natazha has worked her little booty off trying to get it up and running. It looks FANTASTIC!!

| Stephanie | 2:14am |
August 9, 2010

The Medicus Foundation posted some pics on facebook. Go check em out! I don't think Chris is in any of them (although I just skimmed so I don't know for sure) but the CKF logo appears in one. That's something, right?

This was just brought to my attention. There are more pics here.

| Robin | 12:58am |
August 7, 2010

I've added 4 pics from today's event here. I'm sure there will be many more to come thanks to Steph. =)

| Robin | 10:30pm |
August 7, 2010

Lets hope Steph hasn't passed out yet. Here she is with Chris!

| Robin | 3:52pm |
August 5, 2010

Added pics from last night's interview/promo here.

| Robin | 12:12am |
August 4, 2010

So Steph recorded bits and pieces from the 740am radio interview. I stuck them all in a zip file for you guys. You can download it here. You're going to need something like winzip or winrar to unzip/unpack it.

| Robin | 12:23am |
August 3, 2010

Chris will be LIVE TONIGHT on 740AM The Game Loud Mouth Golf Radio with Garret Lauer Events performers. LISTEN IN at 7:00 live or if you're in the area, VISIT the event TONIGHT @ TILTED KILT on I-Drive 7pm-9pm. GOLFERS can register for the Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation Golf tournament that is taking place October 2nd!

| Stephanie | 4:37pm |
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