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May 31, 2010

Added pics from this past Thursday here.

| Robin | 4:38pm |
May 28, 2010

Full Sail University Adds Recording Artists Mutemath To Hall Of Fame. Chris due to be at the event.

| Robin | 5:00pm |
May 22, 2010

I moved all the HQ pics over to the photo album, instead of them being their own separate pages. You can find them all here.

| Robin | 10:03pm |
May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 27 9:00p
at Rok Room, Orlando, FL

**Chris Kirkpatrick Hosts: THE TREND**
Music by : DJ BRT
Doors will open at 9 PM.

Orlando Elite, Listen UP! This will be THE EVENT OF THE SEASON.

This event kicks off a TREND of Thursday Night "Models & Bottles" beginning May 27th.

NO COVER IF SELECTED FOR ADMISSION!!! Priority is definitely given to those on the guest list. Don't hesitate to wait. Get ON THE LIST NOW!!!

| Robin | 11:45pm |
May 19, 2010

We really need someone on the inside to tell us about these things.... here's a video from November 2008 of Chris doing an interview with a... WWE... wrestler..???

| Stephanie | 2:37am |
May 18, 2010

Joey's single "Radio" is out on iTunes and Amazon. Go and download now!

| Robin | 5:19pm |
May 18, 2010

Found another Gone Country 2 interview snippet here. (Chris is at the end at 2:35)

| Stephanie | 3:52pm |
May 18, 2010

So there's some dude... who has a blog... and there's a picture of him with Chris... here. It's the 5th picture down.. weird...

| Stephanie | 2:47am |
May 18, 2010

Anyone else feel like it's Christmas today?!? Found some video from this weekend. Go here (Chris appears around 1:46 and 3:08).

| Stephanie | 2:34am |
May 18, 2010

And added a few more. They're small but they're something.

| Robin | 1:36am |
May 18, 2010

Added more pics from this weekend. These is from the Golf Tournament.

| Robin | 1:10am |
May 17, 2010

Pics from yesterday from the Jason Taylor Foundation event over here.

| Robin | 2:13pm |
May 17, 2010

Melinda posted another picture last night on Twitter.

| Stephanie | 1:24pm |
May 17, 2010

Phillips Arena posted this blog this morning about *NSYNC.

| Stephanie | 1:21pm |
May 16, 2010

Melinda posted a new pic on Twitter over here. He exists. Who knew. lol.

| Robin | 10:15pm |
May 13, 2010

Let's have a little flashback today, shall we? I found a video of Chris and John Rich doing an interview about Gone Country 2 and it was fun to find so you can go here to relive it with me!

And, that made me think of the video on YouTube of Chris back in his hometown singing his song he wrote for Gone Country 2, "That'll Get You By". *sigh*

| Stephanie | 11:21pm |
May 10, 2010

Chris will be participating in this weekend's Jason Taylor Golf Classic. We will be on the lookout for pictures!

Also, Whitney let me know that the CKF Website is getting an overhaul and should be complete sometime in June.

Aaaaaand, there will be a fundraiser called "Cupcakes for a Cause" soon, so be prepared for that!

| Stephanie | 5:17pm |
May 7, 2010

Added 4 HQ scans over here. They're old but they're good!

| Robin | 1:23am |
May 7, 2010

Added more pics from the Derby right over here.

| Robin | 12:07am |
May 3, 2010

Well I guess one pic from the Derby is better than none!

Click for bigger view

| Robin | 12:27am |
May 2, 2010

Added some twitter backgrounds. digital >> twitter backgrounds

| Robin | 2:06am |
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