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March 22, 2010

FYI, you can now buy the Nigels 11 EP on iTunes. So for all those that didn't want to pay shipping for it, GO BUY NOW! =)

| Robin | 3:02am |
March 21, 2010

Happy NSA day! 10 years ago today. Wow. And it still holds the record for 1st day and 1st week sales! Amazing.

| Robin | 4:25pm |
March 20, 2010

Jillian found a video from the "Out Of This World" Fashion Show that Chris judged in Tampa a couple of weeks ago and you can see it here. Thanks Jillian!

| Stephanie | 2:07am |
March 16, 2010

Added some nice hq pics from the Arnold Palmer Block Party, and then pics from Holden On Celeb Jewelry/Fashion Show, Out Of This World Fashion Show, Orlando Titans Lacrosse Game, and random candid photos. Enjoy!

| Robin | 7:03pm |
March 10, 2010

I added a bunch of Chris scans to my scans site if anyone is interested.

| Robin | 12:57am |
March 8, 2010

Nancy suggested these lyrics for Mr. Jealousy on the mysterious line no one really knows. Does anyone agree? Disagree? I'm open to any suggestion since I still don't know what I hear. lol.

Made a trip to the coast
She got to know me better
Strayed away from the truth
It wasn't wrong (oh oh)
Figured out pretty quick because she knows I let her
In the thick of the pitch
I had to go (oh-oh)

| Robin | 4:22am |
March 3, 2010 is back. That makes me smile. =)

| Robin | 1:59am |
March 2, 2010

Looks like Chris will be a celebrity judge at the "Out of this World" Fashion Show at the Orange County Regional History Center this weekend. There's a little blurb about it here and more info here.

| Robin | 3:53pm |
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